Monday, July 27, 2009

Test Session with Desirae

This photo shoot was to test some equipment by Nikon. I wanted to see how well the SB-900's could handle an outdoor photo shoot using the TTL creative lighting system. Two off camera SB-900's in soft boxes were used ,with a commander su-800 to fire the strobes. One strobe had an extra power source and the other did not. I wanted to compare recycling time. The stobe without a battery pack took 10 seconds to charge, firing at F8. The other took 3 seconds. I'd say the TTL worked really well! The down side to TTL is the stobes have to be line-of-sight with the su-800 or else they won't fire. That can become a problem in some cases. Desirae, you were awesome!

Here is my setup.

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